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false ceiling Kingston

Local specialists for suspended and false ceilings across Kingston

For the last 25 years, A B Ceilings has been providing false and suspended ceilings to our customers and clients across Kingston and the surrounding areas. In that time we have built up a reputation for the quality of our service, and the excellence of our products. It’s a reputation that has grown thanks to the recommendations given by our clients to their friends, families, and acquaintances, and one that we strive to uphold in all our dealings.

What we can do for you

We offer the very best in suspended and false ceilings, so you can be sure to receive the topmost quality work from our team.

Suspended ceilings

A suspended ceiling (also known as a false, or drop ceiling) is one that is hung beneath a building’s main structural ceiling. Suspended ceilings offer a range of benefits over conventional ceilings: whether part of a kitchen ceiling or a bathroom ceiling, or anywhere else in the house, they are easier to integrate with lighting and sound systems, as well as being able to camouflage and conceal such technical trickery from the eyes of casual observers. They also offer both sound-dampening and heat-insulating properties to a room or building, reducing energy wastage. Available in a number of designs, these lightweight ceilings are always attractive, consistently practical, and environmentally sound.

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Domestic ceilings

Suspended ceilings are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, with many people installing them in their homes. Kitchen ceilings and bathroom ceilings benefit particularly from false ceilings, owing to the traditional humidity encountered in those rooms, and a suspended ceiling acting as a protection to lighting, and a way to conceal air extraction equipment. Indeed, both bathroom ceilings and kitchen ceilings are the most popular choices from our private clients.

Commercial ceilings

Suspended ceilings in your commercial space are an essential upgrade, whether part of a retail environment, or an office workspace. Suspended ceilings make ambient lighting easier to install for the comfort of employees and customers and, more importantly, easier to get to when the lighting need to be repaired or replaced.

A name you can trust

While we pride ourselves at A B Ceilings in the quality of our work, any ceiling installation is only as good as the materials we have to work with. Fortunately, we use one of the best companies in the business – Armstrong Ceilings – who supply us with their very finest materials and products. Not only are these among the highest-quality items on the market, but with our years of experience working exclusively with Armstrong Ceilings, we know what we are doing.

Who are Armstrong Ceilings?

Simply put, Armstrong Ceilings are the pre-eminent suppliers and producers of false ceilings in the UK. With a well-deserved reputation for quality, Armstrong Ceilings have provided us with materials and support for over 25 years – kitchen ceilings, bathroom ceilings, commercial ceilings, and anything else our customers require from us has been supplied. This is excellent news for our clients, as they are not only guaranteed a first-rate installation service from A B Ceilings, but they can rely upon the extensive range of Armstrong Ceilings products and solutions to be long-lasting and hard-wearing, as well as functional and attractive.

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