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Suspended ceilings for domestic clients in Surrey & south west London

Suspended ceilings are fast becoming one of the more popular choices among home owners when it comes to renovating or remodelling their houses. As a form of home improvement, it is easy to see why the suspended ceiling has become a much sought-after inclusion in bathrooms and kitchens across the country.

What is a suspended ceiling

Alternatively known as false ceilings, drop ceilings, and hanging ceilings, the suspended ceiling is a simple, yet attractive method of giving a room a new lease of life. In essence, it involves suspending a network of tiles from the main ceiling of any given room, leaving a cavity between the two which allows you to incorporate any number of useful functions into your finished design.


When designing your suspended ceiling for home use, you get to choose how you wish to incorporate lighting for the room. You may favour a large central domed light, or individual spotlights scattered throughout. You may even wish for multi-coloured lighting in order to alter the feel of a room. There really are no limitations.


If the idea of your perfect lighting arrangement set into the ceiling appeals to you, then the thought of including a speaker system into it probably does much the same. Imagine the greatest hits from your favourite artists filling a room to perfection, without the need to adjust the speakers if you want to change seats.

Security cameras

It’s not a pleasant thought but, in this day and age, home security is an important consideration for any home owner. Easily concealed within your suspended ceiling, should any kind of break-in occur, you will have quality footage of the event, which can be vital in pursuing an insurance claim, or assisting police in recovering your belongings.

Benefits of suspended ceilings

Aside from what you can incorporate into your suspended ceiling, this unique home improvement offers certain other advantages.

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Neat and tidy

You remember all those lights, speakers, and cameras you wanted to install in your new ceiling? With a suspended ceiling you’re not left with an untidy tangle of wires and cables that can cause a tripping risk. All the cabling is housed neatly in the cavity between the old and the new ceiling, out of sight, but easily accessible when necessary.

Noise reduction

False ceilings are excellent at absorbing sounds from the room they’re in. This means you can truly enjoy your newly installed speakers, without worrying about unduly disturbing anyone who may be upstairs.

Energy efficient

Where can I have a suspended ceiling?

It’s not just the noise which is reduced. Heat loss is also greatly restricted by a suspended ceiling, with the new cavity acting as an insulating layer between this room, and whatever lies above. A quality installation can see a reduction in your energy use, which is good for your bank account, as well as the environment.

With adequate attention paid at the design stage (and head room permitting) there is no reason you can’t have a suspended ceiling in any room in your house. Whether you want ambient lighting in the bedroom, or an appropriately configured sound system in the living room, a false ceiling would likely do the trick.


That said, over our years in the trade we have noticed two particular rooms for which suspended ceilings have proved ideal.

A modern look

Bathroom ceilings

As well as the practicalities, there’s no denying that a suspended ceiling looks fantastic. It can give a whole new look to a room. There are numerous options to consider at the design stage in terms of colours, patterns, and material, and that’s without considering where you’re going to stick your lights, speakers, and so on. The end result, however, is worth it.

This makes perfect sense. In the one room in the house that is supposed to get steamed up and occasionally soaked, having all wires and lighting neatly tucked out of harm’s way is the ideal solution.

Kitchen ceilings

Another popular choice for the suspended ceiling is in the kitchen. Often, it’s for the same reason as the bathroom choice, but we also find that there are added perks in a kitchen environment. Sure, you can have your lights, your sound system, and your cameras, but a suspended ceiling can also conceal such things as an extractor fan, or an air-conditioning unit, for those times when the heat of the kitchen just gets too much.

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